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Welcome to the Write Divas Featured Writing Prompts & Exercises! We felt it was about time we challenged our readers to write a short story based on the prompt below.

Short stories are just as they seem: short. But that doesn’t mean they are short in richness of characters, plot, or details. In fact, many authors find short stories hard to write simply because they don’t have a lot of words to convey the story. If you are one of these authors, this prompt is for you. Focus on better word choices and ways of describing things so that every word counts but feels natural.

Even if you are a seasoned short story writing pro, we hope you take the time to hone your skills with this writing prompt below.

It was the last boat to leave the harbor before “they” came. He hoisted the pack on his back a little higher and gripped her hand a little tighter. He hated to think what would happen if they couldn’t escape.

short story

We hope you enjoy this feature and feel free to share the results of your hard work.

~ The Divas

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