Writing Prompts

For the writing prompt this week the subject is death. This subject can take on many meanings and emotions.

Death can represent a crippling loss, a necessary change, or a new beginning. It can be accidental, caused by disease or natural causes, or something that was very deliberate. It can be something from the past, in the background, or up close and personal. And no one can escape the inevitable. The young and healthy consider it a remote possibility as they live with a false sense of invincibility, but as we age and begin to face our own mortality, death takes its place as a reality for most people, whether it’s something staring them in the face or an event that will happen in their future after an expected normal lifespan.

But death is undeniably linked to strong feelings that can run the gambit of emotions. Everyone has experienced death in some form, from the lost of someone close to that of a pet or an acquaintance. Even the death of strangers can have a significant impact on us as individuals as in the events of 9/11, Sandy Hook Elementary, and the Boston Marathon have so adeptly demonstrated.

So take a moment to write about death, whether it be uplifting, sad, emotional, spooky, humorous, or something unexpected. Please share your creations in the comments below. We’d love to read them!





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