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The writing prompt for this week is a phrase to help authors work a little humor into their repertoire. Humor tends to be one of those areas in writing that authors either excel or struggle with. There’s not a lot of middle ground here. Mostly because comedy is bound to the sense of humor of the individual reader. When a writer possesses a talent for comedic timing, writing something that makes readers laugh feels natural and organic–and readers respond. But when an author has a difficult time writing comedy, it feels forced and , often times, falls flat.

The use of pop culture references can go a long way in making a story funny. While this in great for the here and now, the lasting power of that humor will wane in a few years, leaving the reader with a story that feels dated and full of old jokes. The goal here is to keep the comedy fresh and timeless. And while pop culture can often times have an expiration date, there are other forces at work as well. What was considered funny yesterday can be suddenly rendered “in poor taste” because of something that happened in the news or a change in societal attitudes.

So don’t get too discouraged when it comes to writing humor. Keep at it. Whether you develop a panache for comedic writing or not, practice will make you a better writer regardless.

Now about this week’s writing prompt. This phrase has been around for a long time, but most of you will recognize it from the popular animated movie Monsters, Inc. It is this movie that made the phrase a humorous one. So without further ado…


“Put that thing back where it came from!”


Good luck and please share your creations in the comment section below.


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