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Welcome to the Write Divas Featured Writing Exercises & Prompts! This week’s writing exercise explores role of the narrator in your story. Narrators can be a single person or several. They can be impartial or biased, or they can merrily lead you down the wrong path. This writing exercise explores the use of an unreliable narrator. What this means is that your narrator is compromised. The unreliable narrator might lie, exaggerate, try to deceive, have a rose-colored view of the events, or any other number of ways to distort the point of view of the story. The thing to remember is that the unreliable narrator cannot be trusted to tell the literal truth, whether it’s intentional or not. A recent example of an unreliable narrator in literature is Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl.

Write a scene with a tense situation using an unreliable narrator.

04-21-15 Unreliable Narrator LG

Will you reveal right away that your narrator is unreliable or will you conceal it? We hope you enjoy this feature and feel free to share the results of your hard work.

~ The Divas

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