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Welcome to the Write Divas Featured Writing Exercises & Prompts! This week’s writing exercise is designed to help authors improve the flow of their scenes without the use of introductory participial phrases, for example:


Straightening his tie, Ramon mentally prepared to cross-examine the witness.


The phrase that has the strike-through is an introductory participial phrase, and because introductory participial phrases make such wonderful transitions, they tend to get used, a lot. Sometimes they are used incorrectly or are combined with other elements of language that give writing a sing-song feel or are wordy to the point of not making sense. The goal of this exercise is to lessen your dependence upon introductory participial phrases and helping you to fine tune the flow of your writing so it doesn’t become choppy.

We hope you enjoy this exercise and feel free to share the results of your hard work.


~ The Divas


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