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Making time to write is difficult. We all have heavy demands on our time. Not to mention that just because we want to write doesn’t always mean it’s easy to write. The greatest authors have all said that if you want to improve as a writer, you have to write every day. It doesn’t matter if you don’t feel like writing or if your muse has deserted you. In fact, many writers agree that there is no muse. Practicing your art of writing has little to do with some mysterious muse and more to do with sheer will and simply training yourself to just get it done.

So, with that in mind and the limitations most of us have with time, the Divas have come up with a writing exercise even the busiest person can’t say no to.

You have five minutes on the clock. Write the longest scene you can in that amount of time.

writing time

We hope you enjoy this exercise and feel free to share the results of your hard work.

~ The Divas

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