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Writing A Book According To Pinterest

How many of you know that you can use Pinterest as a writing or editing resource tool? Before Write Divas starting pinning, I had no clue that anyone would find useful pins for writing. Hey, Pinterest is all about DIY things and recipes, right? Wrong. There is a ton of great articles, lists, diagrams, pictures, prompts, and writing exercises writers can use to help them in their writing projects.


There are great articles floating around that can come in handy when you’re writing. Pinterest is a great place to organize them for easy reference. One that I like is by Joy Hedlund. (Yep, I pinned it.)

Pinterst article pin

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There are oodles of lists on Pinterest arranged in pretty pictures for easy access for you to keep by your side. Want to find another way to say said, there’s a list. Want another way to describe feeling? There’s a list. How many ways can you say went? A whole bunch of ways. (You know I pinned these.)

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I was looking for plot diagrams the other day and found some really great ones that help with the visual aspect I need when I’m working. And who doesn’t love a good diagram?

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The Write Divas love to pin. Check out our board HERE. Some of my favorite things we post are quotes and picture prompts. Again, it appeals to my visual brain while writing.

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Writing Exercises

If you’re like me, you often find yourself hung up while trying to get your article written or your chapter finished. It can be very annoying. I turn to writing exercises to help me get out of that rut. It spurs my creative side and helps get the flow moving again. Write Divas posts exercises and prompts weekly. I’m not saying your should check them out… but you should. 😉

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Tell us how you use Pinterest to help you.



  1. Have to admit I love Pinterest – use it to bookmark lots of articles and ideas related to social media, books and writing. I have a secret board too for recording any articles I come across that are useful for my book research.

  2. Great post – I’ve also found Pinterest to be a great resource for writers. I’m constantly finding great infographics and picture quotes on Now Novel’s followers’ boards.

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