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Are you an author, blogger, editor, formatter, cover artist or designer, book marketer or distributor? Have you read our guest posts and thought, “Hey, I have tons of interesting things to share about what I know about, what I write, what I do.”? If so, Write Divas wants you!

Drop me a line and let’s schedule a time when you can be the guest blogger. It’s a lot of fun; the topic is up to you just as long as it relates to publishing in some form, and it’s a chance to promote yourself, too. Included in your article is an ‘About the Author’ section where we attach your bio and links to your social media as well as talk about your books or your business.


Here are a few of our recent guest bloggers:

Donna Huber – Do You Need a Publicity Assistant?

Isabelle Peterson – Originality in Stories

Lisa N. Paul – Series Books in a Cliffhanger World

Jada D’Lee – Designer Your Book Cover

M.C. Cerny – Parenthood

N. Isabelle Blanco – Finding Your Voice

Sarabeth Caplin – My “Other Job”

T.M. Franklin – Dealing With Criticism

Jen Greyson – Time Management for Indies

Candace Johnson – Avoid Eyes That Crawl

Sandi Layne – Writing Dialogue in Historical Fiction

Lissa Bryan – The Social Media Balancing Act

Debra Anastasia – Street Teams

L.V. Lewis – Trust Your Instincts

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