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2013 Stamford Author Event

This weekend, Diva Lauren and I had the pleasure of attending the Stamford Author Event—”a gathering of thirty-plus authors and bloggers for an afternoon of books, swag, and the chance to get the latest releases from favorite authors while discovering new voices.”

We weren’t sure what to expect, but what we got was a room packed with the friendliest women—and men, too—all excited to talk about their books, their cover artists, their editors… and anxious to give away lots of cool swag and candy.

Yes, my friends, I said candy.

And we learned a few things as we introduced ourselves around the room.

1) There is a general consensus among authors and readers alike that an attractive cover sells—if a reader doesn’t like a cover, she or he will not buy the book.


Banner – Liv Morris’s stunning cover for Adam’s Apple

2) Series sell—most of the authors in attendance had both series titles and stand-alone titles but mentioned that their series titles sold more consistently.


Toni Aleo’s Assassin series

3) Swag can really work for you—there was some interesting swag there, from tiny flashlights to tissue packets to hot cocoa. Authors had bookmarks with scan codes that took the reader to their blog, website, or Amazon page, even linked to free first chapters or novella downloads. Oh, and did I mention the candy?


Danielle Bannister’s swag

4) Making friends and connections only benefits your brand. We stopped to speak to each author or blogger at their tables and learned a little about them. We also, in turn, told them a little about ourselves. And over the course of the event, the meet and greet, drinks afterward, and breakfast Sunday morning, we were still having conversations. One blogger was literally giving away candy as we were leaving. The candy tied into her blog name, and I certainly won’t forgot her or her blog anytime soon. So many of these authors and bloggers left a lasting impression.

All the author signed this for someone who was unable to attend.

Thank you to the organizers of the Stamford Author Event, we had a wonderful time, met some wonderful people, and look forward to doing it again soon!

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