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When to Hire an Editor Now that you have your manuscript written, you’ve revised it and handed it out to people who gave you their honest opinion, and then revised and polished it some more… it’s time for the final stages so you can publish your creation for everyone to read. You can see the end in sight, the light at the end of the...

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Become the Boss of Your Writing   This article might sound like a pep talk, but to become the boss of your writing you might need some pep. And let’s get real here. For many authors, confidence in their writing is not always easy to come by. One bad review can topple your carefully constructed façade and verify your worst fears regardless of the number of...

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If you hang out with the Divas for a little while, you’ll discover quite quickly we all love Candace Johnson of Change it Up Editing. So today we are recommending her fantastic article How to Survive “The Shock” : Your First Round of Editing. In this article, she offers solid tips on how to receive an edit and work with an editor. We highly recommend...

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