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Stop the comparisons, stop trying to be the next big thing, and just write your book. Every day—several times a day, in fact—I see “What to read after ____” or “If you liked ___, you’ll love__,” and I must admit, I just shake my head. I get it—everyone wants to promote their book, wants it to be the next big thing, but my knee-jerk reaction...

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Treating Your Writing Like A Full-Time Job   Recently, I edited a book where one of the main characters, a musician, spent several months treating his songwriting as a full-time job. He would get up, spend eight hours a day writing songs—some better than others, obviously—and then he’d call it a day, have dinner, and start again the next day. It forced the artist to...

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Divas Recommend: Your Guide To An Effective Novel Synopsis You’ve have written your novel and now it’s time for you to query a publishing house. Having a synopsis is vital for submissions. But how long or how short should it be? What should you include? How can you make your synopsis effective and noticeable? Check out this article from Writer’s Digest to help answer these...

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