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Guest Post: Grammar & Spelling by Z.B. Heller Guest Posts

  I’m so happy to share with our readers some witty words of wisdom from author Z.B. Heller. She’s one of our favorite people, and I’m thrilled she agreed to write this guest post for us.   Grammar & Spelling  By Z.B. Heller   Their was a farmer, who had a cow named bob. He was Black, and, White. Oh the pain! The horror! The grammatical...

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Articles / On Editing

It’s probably crazy that I’m excited to write about copy editing, but there you have it. I am a total editing geek, and I will mentally edit Facebook posts—my own as well as others’—tweets, blogs articles, books I’m reading… you get the point. I take my editing very personally, and I put everything I have into each manuscript I work on. I have been known to...

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