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Author Branding: How to Get Started  We’ve all heard the advice to create your brand as an author, but what exactly is author branding? Being an author is so much more than just the books your write. It’s about your image in the real world and online in the cyber world. The Internet has made it possible for people to connect with people around the...

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Guest Post: The Social Media Balancing Act by Lissa Bryan Guest Posts

I am thrilled to bring today’s guest post from author, blogger and all-around fabulous person, Lissa Bryan. The Social Media Balancing Act By Lissa Bryan One of the things that surprised me once I became an author is how little time I’d have to devote to writing with all of the promotion and social media tasks I needed to do. I started out feeling overwhelmed...

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Today’s quick tip is about the three things you should do to lay the foundation for your career as an author.  So you’ve decided to write a book. You’ve invested countless hours in developing your talent. But there is something you need to do before you publish or query or even begin to write. So, first things first… 1. Create your identity It is important...

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