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Do you have a gifted character that knows what everyone around her thinks or feels? Is she making the other characters in your book uncomfortable with her uncanny insights? If so, you just might have a mind reader on your hands, and I’m not talking about the sparkly vampire variety, either. I mean, think about it… How creepy would it be to be around a...

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Divas Recommend: Five Instances When You Need To Tell (and not show) by Amanda Patterson   I’m sure many authors have heard the phrase “show, don’t tell” over and over. I’ve been known to harp about this to the authors whose manuscripts I’ve edited. But is it always appropriate to show, not tell? I came across a wonderful article by Amanda Patterson, founder of Writers...

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Writing Pitfall #9: Overuse of Dialogue Tags   In today’s article we are going to discuss our ninth writing pitfall for first time authors, the overuse of dialogue tags. But what’s the big deal? Well, the problem with unnecessary dialogue tags is they eat up your word count and provide very little in return. Not every piece of dialogue needs a tag. Overuse of tags...

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