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Happy Release: Unexpected Circumstances (Book One: The Handmaid) by Shay Savage Reviews / Special

Author: Shay Savage Pages: 128 Publisher: Indie Promotions: Lit Slave Goodreads: HERE Amazon: HERE Summary: In a bold political move, Sir Branford claims a handmaid as his bride instead of the expected princess in an attempt to spark a war. Poor Alexandra knows little of how to behave as the wife of a future king and knows nothing of the man who is suddenly her husband. Alexandra...

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Special / Spotlights

I’m a big fan of dystopian books. Well, to put it more bluntly: I like dystopian romances. If you all haven’t figured it all by now, I’m a romance junkie. Not gonna lie. I’m dang proud of it. Anyhoo… Shay Savage’s wonderful mind came up with a spontaneous book (according to her author’s notes, this book wasn’t on her writing schedule this year) called Commodity....

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Diva Interview: Author Shay Savage If you’re reading this blog, you probably read a lot of books like me. I’ll be honest, most of the genres I gravitate toward incorporate some sort of romance or erotic themes. It could be suspense, mystery, thriller, western, what have you, as long as I get a good romance out of it, I’m good to go. I especially love...

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