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New Release: Baby Blue by Dwight Holing Special / Spotlights

Don’t miss Dwight Holing’s new book, Baby Blue (A Jack McCoul Caper), the third in his Jack McCoul series set in beautiful San Francisco. Summary Baby Blue (A Jack McCoul Caper) by Dwight Holing “Baby Blue was born to run.” “Fast, fun, full-tilt.” El Niño brings more than long-awaited rain to San Francisco. An old love shows up on Jack McCoul’s doorstep and trouble is...

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Articles / On Writing

Featured Article: Redundant Perspectives   Redundancy can be a real killer in your story—and not in the good way. Whether it is stating the obvious, showing and then telling, defining character actions, or worst of the worst, replaying a scene from a different point of view. This type of redundancy can happen in story or in a second story that retells the events of the...

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Articles / On Genre

Divas on Genre: Mystery Fiction   Contemporary mystery fiction is also known as crime fiction or detective fiction and has earned the moniker of “the whodunit.” It’s a relatively new genre, having developed over the last two hundred years in direct correlation with increased levels of organized police forces. Early mysteries, such as The Murders in the Rue Morgue by Edgar Allan Poe (1841) and The...

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