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Revising Mundane Content We’re all guilty of it at one time or another. Don’t lie. Even best-selling authors fall victim to mundane content. It sneaks into our writing disguised as description and detail we think will add to our story when, in fact, it bogs it down. “But my descriptions are necessary to make my scenes fuller,” you say. Not all description is necessary and...

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Hello Diva Followers!   This week for The Divas Recommend we present… drumroll, please…  “Does Bruce Willis Have a Dog?” brought to us by Mike Wells and his The Green Water Blog. I’m always on the lookout for articles that educate in an entertaining way. “Does Bruce Willis Have a Dog?” doesn’t disappoint. It delights while imparting invaluable writing advice to aspiring writers about the pitfalls...

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How to Revise Mundane Content Today’s quick tip is a lesson in how to revise a scene that is overwhelmed with mundane content. Mundane content is a type of dull filler. It can be anything from boring scenes of everyday life to extraneous detail to humdrum descriptions. Mundane content acts a type camouflage, and it masks what’s really important in your book. It can hamper...

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