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I love historical fiction, whether it be a dramatization of real events, a what-if scenario, or a time travel. I have yet to find a well-written historical novel I didn’t liked. Now let me make myself clear. I like historical fiction. I’m not the scholarly type who dives into real history and vets out every minute detail of the era, unless I’m writing a novel....

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Guest Post: Writing Dialogue in Historical Fiction by Sandi Layne Guest Posts

I am thrilled to bring today’s guest post from author, Sandi Layne. Writing Dialogue in Historical Fiction ~ or ~ King Henry VIII Did Not Speak in Iambic Pentameter by Sandi Layne “Put me down,” I cried furiously. “Put me down! I don’t want to be Emperor. I refuse to be Emperor. Long live the Republic!” But they only laughed. “That’s a good one. He...

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