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Divas Recommend: How to Hire a Book Formatter by S.M. Boyce   What is a book formatter and do you need one? And what’s more, how do you find a good one? Well, here’s S.M. Boyce to the rescue in his article How to Hire a Book Formatter. This article is filled with great tips on how to find and hire a formatter for those...

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Divas on Editing: Proofread When most people ask for a proofread, they expect their manuscript will get a once-over to fix errors and make sure it makes sense. But there’s a lot more to a proofread than simply catching typos and misspelled words. Proofreading is less about the content of the document and more about writing and typographical errors. And before you object, the answer...

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The Benefits of a Style Sheet Some authors write according to an outline, and others have a less-organized series of events they want to describe. There are authors who write their scenes sequentially, no matter how great or small, and those who write major scenes first and minor scenes last. I’ve even known one writer who wrote all her sex scenes first—she said they were...

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