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Ask the Divas

I was asked today, “What are your biggest editing pet peeves?” Immediately, I thought of a myriad of things. But when I really got to thinking about it, there are just a few things I find grating, which can be addressed beforehand by authors.  The simplest mistakes an author will make are the most common and ultimately very annoying and redundant for editors. Not that...

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The Bad Review—Rising Above It It’s going to happen; someone will leave an unfavorable review. It could be a simple matter of differing tastes or something more elaborate—like cyber-bullying—but sooner or later, there’s bound to be a doozy with your name written all over it. And regardless of whether the review is deserved or not, your reaction speaks volumes  to your readers. Does that mean...

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During the revision process of novel writing, you can quickly eliminate overused words and phrases once you know what some of these redundancies are. Please don’t feel ashamed if it has never occurred to you these words are unnecessary or overused; they plague the best of writers. The quick tip today is training the eye to recognize them so your work flows, it reads smoothly,...

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On Writing

Writing Pitfall #2: Prologues and Epilogues   Welcome to part two of our series on Writing Pitfalls for New Authors. This week the Divas tackle the issue of prologues and epilogues and talk about when they are appropriate to use and when they are not. So you want to write a prologue or epilogue. Yeah . . . no. Don’t. Okay, okay . . . that’s...

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