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Divas Recommend: “Attention, Writer: Listen to Your Editor” by Courtney Cantrell   Being an editor is fun, but sometimes you’ve got to deliver news an author doesn’t want to—or can’t—accept. Editors can assure an author until they are hoarse that each suggested change is made to improve the overall manuscript, but ultimately it’s up to the author to trust that the editor knows what she’s...

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Guest Post: Originality in Stories by Isabelle Peterson Guest Posts

Please welcome today’s Guest Blogger, author Isabelle Peterson, who’s here to talk about originality in stories. Originality in Stories by Isabelle Peterson   I hear it every day. “I read a book like that once.” And to that, I say, “So what?” That’s the brilliance of books. And movies and songs and every other artistic adventure. I could bore you with the various lists out...

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Guest Post: L.V. Lewis – Trust Your Instincts Guest Posts

Today at Write Divas, we’re excited to bring you a special guest post from Fifty Shades of Jungle Fever author L. V. Lewis as she talks about how to trust your instincts and listen to your gut when it comes to your story: Trust Your Instincts by L. V. Lewis When you’re a newbie at anything, being unsure of yourself sort of comes with the...

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