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Editor Speak 101 – The Tools of the Trade Imagine if you will that you hired someone to mow your lawn and they showed up with a pair of hedge clippers. You would immediately know that they are using the wrong tool because you know a lawn mower is required to trim grass properly. Now you may not know how to use a lawn mower...

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A thesaurus. It is a wonderful tool but is easy to abuse. Commonly when editing, we see instances where an author has obviously used a thesaurus to replace a more common word with a less common word. More than anything, it is desirable to make your usage of a thesaurus as unintrusive as possible. The trick is to use it, but not use it in...

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The Right Write Tools …to get the job done! So you want to be a writer, or maybe you’ve already jumped onto the writing universe with both feet. Do you have the right tools? There are tons of books, pamphlets, white papers, blogs, and guides on how to be a better writer, how to write better characters, how to get an agent to notice your...

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