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When Good Body Parts Go Bad Articles / On Writing

We’ve all read that story. You know the one with independently moving body parts, right? This is called disembodied motion, and it’s an issue that can worm its way into the writing of even the most seasoned of authors. But is all disembodied motion bad? Of course not. As with most things in the English language, there’s an exception to almost every rule. But this...

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Articles / On Writing

Divas on Writing: Are You Writing Body Part Smut (instead of smokin’ hot sex scenes)?   In honor of Halloween, I thought I’d skip my post on the rigors of revision and write an article highlighting the most horrific, most terrifying plague to ever descend upon a poor unsuspecting writer’s scene. This is scary business, people. Trust me. Today I’m talking about the dreaded disembodied...

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Guest Post: Avoid Eyes That Crawl by Candace Johnson Guest Posts

This week, I’m excited to bring you an article from guest blogger Candace Johnson of Change It Up Editing. Avoid Eyes That Crawl and Other Wandering Body Parts in Your Writing by Candace Johnson Her eyes crawled around the room. His eyes combed her face. Her eyes became demented. Those eyes, those eyes, those beautiful eyes! The windows to the soul and all that . ....

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