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From the New York Times, USA Today, and international bestselling author, Paige Weaver, comes the epic conclusion of her fourth book, Promise Me Once

In the weak, there is strength. In despair, there is hope. My world was dark. Survival was tough. But the end of the world saved me. It taught me to love. To go on living. In its darkness, I found myself. In its bleakness, I found hope. I wasn’t the girl I used to be. I was stronger.

I was with the man I loved. The cowboy with a quiet presence who took what he wanted, including me. He showed me love and gave me strength. He touched me and I was never the same. I didn’t want to love him but I couldn’t resist. I was his. But the world was trying to tear us apart.

Love may save us or it may be our destruction. We may die for it or sacrifice everything to keep it. The choice will not be simple. Live or die. Love or lose. I was about to find out which one…

Diva Review: FOUR STARS

Paige WeaverThe latest installment in the Promise Me series by Paige Weaver didn’t disappoint! I have followed Weaver’s post-apocalyptic series since the beginning. The first two books were about Ryder and Maddie and their struggle around the start of the EMP attack. I loved reading how they navigated their new world and how they survived the harsh environment. Just think: What would you do if an EMP knocked out everything in the US.? What kind of life do you think would be left for people who are so dependent on electronics? It essentially puts civilization back more than 100 years. The way of life everyone has come to know would be forever lost. It’s very compelling. Check out my reviews for Promise Me Darkness and Promise Me Light. The post-apocalyptic world interests me so much. I really devoured all these books.

When Cash and Cat’s story popped up in book 3, Promise Me Once, I was super excited. In part because the series was still going and because Cash was one of my favorite character from the first two books. He’s that loner cowboy type that had so much brewing under the surface. Yum! In book 3 we venture outside life on the farm where book 1 and 2 were set. The reader got to see more of what the world turned into as a result of the EMP attack. The war, the way people had to survive, and how humanity had turned into something unrecognizable. Cash and Cat were the main focus of book 3, and we learned of their shared past while seeing them reunite and fall for each other as they face the dangers of a vigilante type town called Hillside—a town thrown back in time. It’s the Old West reinvented. Men are in charge, they rule with martial law, women have taken a submissive role, and the leaders have no qualms about killing to protect what they think is right. Even if their version of right is really very wrong. Phew! Of course, Cash and Cat, along with their family, get mixed up with Hillside, their lawlessness, and the men who personally harmed Cash’s sister and Cat.

Promise Me Forever picks up right where we were left off in book 3. Cat had just gotten shot and Cash was trying desperately to get his loved ones out of Hillside. When they do get out, Cash struggles with his love for Cat. He wants what’s best for her, but he feels that his love for her is only going to hurt her in the long run. It’s a tired trope. Sigh. It’s the only thing in the book that didn’t jive well with me. Their back and forth love/hate relationship didn’t really mean anything to the story of survival. It felt forced. BUT, I will say besides that, I enjoyed their fight for one another when the men from Hillside came back for Cat. (The men of Hillside used Cat as a vengeful tool against Cash who had killed one of their men). It showed a strength in their relationship that the characters didn’t see themselves. But I still wanted to smack Cash at times. Pigheaded man!

The arc of the story was well done and I enjoyed the twists at the end. The ending was fast paced and entertaining. The middle dragged a bit, but all in all, Promise Me Forever was a solid book that I couldn’t put down. I can’t wait to see what else the series will have to offer in the next books.

Paige Weaver

Paige Weaver

About The Author

Paige Weaver

Paige Weaver’s first passion has always been reading. Many hours of her childhood were spent getting lost between the pages of a book, disappearing into other worlds. That turned into a love for writing at a young age. Her first book, Promise Me Darkness, became a New York Times and two-time USA Today bestseller.

Paige lives in Texas with her husband and two children. When she’s not writing or reading, you can find her chasing her kids around and living her very own happily ever after.

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