Release Day: The Heart’s Shrapnel by S. J. Lynn Special / Spotlights

Happy release day, S. J. Lynn, and congratulations on the release of The Heart’s Shrapnel!


The Heart's ShrapnelPhillip McClintock is serving as a sergeant in the US Army. But he’s hiding a secret that no one other than his closest friends can know. And this secret… it’s personal. His job is dangerous, and he has the scars to prove it. But, when the problems start to multiply, they threaten those he cares about, which is exactly why he doesn’t want the new beautiful surgeon to get too close. There’s just one catch. He can’t seem to stay away from her.

Jane Summers is excited about the extra hands-on training she’ll receive when she volunteers at an army hospital in Germany. But, trouble arises when she falls for, Phillip, the sexy soldier that spells danger. After she left her ex-boyfriend, Kevin, she swore never to get involved with another soldier again. But, there’s something about Phillip that draws her to him.

Will she give in to what her heart wants, or will she let the past rule her future? As these two start to grapple with their feeling for each other, the world around them begins to unravel. Can they set aside their past heartaches to have a future together?

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The Heart's Shrapnel

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The Heart's Shrapnel

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