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Quick Tips: Write It Out Longhand


This week’s quick tips is very easy. Try writing out your story longhand. In fact it’s something that many writers have done before ever setting a word to type, but as an avenue it’s been lost in today’s technical age.  When I first started writing, I had journals and journals stacked in my closet. Back fifteen to twenty years ago, writers’ focus wasn’t putting their content online or seeing how social media reacted to your Tuesdays Teaser or cover reveal. It just wasn’t done. The content of their words carried your books. Today, it’s not exactly the same.

In my mind, there was something lost when the writing world went electronic.

My quick tip for you, is to go back to basics and write out your outline, plot points, or whole story longhand. Dissect it, rearrange it, write all over again. The view is very different when you’re looking at it in another light. This make help with a block as well. It’s something I have suggested to my authors when they are struggling. Maybe it’s something that could work for you, too.

It never hurts to try.

Happy Writing!


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