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Quick Tips: Start From The End


I was talking to an author today about overcoming mental blocks. Every author feels these mental blocks while writing from time to time. Sometimes it’s because they haven’t written out a detailed outline or no outline at all. Maybe they are comparing themselves to other authors they see on social media who can pump books out the wazoo while they struggle to write a chapter a week. And oftentimes it’s because the muse they had when they thought up that best-selling plot bunny vanishes quicker than water in a desert. These mental blocks shouldn’t translate into authors thinking they shouldn’t write or they aren’t as good as other authors. Perhaps it means that different people need different forms of inspiration or encouragement to get their words on paper.

My advice for this author was to start from the end. The author already had a good idea where the arc and ending would end up so I advised them to try to step away from their comfort zone and write the ending to change things up. Writing out of sequence is not new for many writers. In fact, I know many that rely on writing out of sequence more often than not. They find that having a clear ending pictured helps them with the first parts of their stories. It’s like seeing the finish line in a race. You’re running for your goal and you see the end in the distance. Would you stop when the end is so close? Nope. Why give up when the finish line is within eyesight and within your grasp?

So if you’re stuck, try starting from the end and see where it takes you.

Happy Writing!


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