Setting Goals for a New Year

2014 is nearly here, and with the new year comes a whole new set of goals. Weight loss goals. Exercise goals. Money management goals. Reading goals.

And writing goals.

Yeah, I said it. Writing goals. Did you make any last year? Will you this year?

Chances are you probably have some idea of goals for 2014. Maybe you’re planning to write your first novel. Or your tenth. Either way, setting goals can help.

Here are some tips:

Make your goals attainable.

Sure, we’d all love to get that Great American Novel written or have the next New York Times bestseller. But maybe aim for something a little less lofty. Perhaps you want to get a first draft written. Perhaps you wrote your first draft in 2013, and for 2014 you’d like to clean it up to prepare for editing.

Keep your goals small or portion them out in chunks.

Similarly, we’d all love to crank out five new titles this year. Focus on one. Or focus on one chapter per week. Whatever goals work for you. It’s not a competition. You know what you can accomplish.

Write down your goals.

Yes, write them down. There is something about looking at your goals that makes them tangible instead of vague concepts in the back of your mind.

Make adjustments to your goals when necessary.

Writing is a creative process, but it’s a process all the same. So when things aren’t flowing the way you’d like them to, make adjustments to keep your goals reasonable and achievable.

Find a way to measure your achievements.

Honestly, what’s the point of goals if you can’t see  your achievements as you make them? Whether it’s keeping track of word count or ticking off chapters written, make sure your goals can be measured. And congratulate yourself when you achieve them.

Happy and Prosperous New Year to all!

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