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Quick Tips: It’s Not A Race


Recently I got into a Facebook discussion with two great authors. One question posed was how some authors seem to write and publish a book in the blink of an eye. This spurred questions about if the authors speed in writing equates to lower quality books and does such quick turnaround time for these published books mean that the books are poorly edited. To answer those two questions: not necessarily.

Some authors are natural storytellers and can spout a 70,000-word novel in less than a month. While other authors need a lot more time to finish that same length. But the author who can write faster is no better than the author who takes their time. It’s not a race. Writing is not a precise science. There is no right or wrong way to write a book. It’s really a learning process for those who are just getting their feet wet. Authors need to work with what’s best for them.

With the influx of indie authors flooding the market today, it appears many authors cough up books, sometimes, on a monthly basis or even quicker. I can attest that there is a section of these authors that don’t put much value on editing, only getting quick a proofread or using a beta reader which really shows in the end result. Although if sales are good, why break the mold, right? Wrong, but that’s another blog post for another day. It doesn’t mean that with all these quick writers, a slower writer is doing anything wrong or should keep up with this trend. There is no real standard with indie publishing, so why put the pressure on yourself. You’re only going to pull your hair out because it’s not a natural way to write for you.

Today’s quick tip is to take your time. Writing a book, although can be very rewarding, can be pretty self-deprecating if you let it. Especially if you’re slow as molasses and trying to be something you’re not. Don’t let Mary Fast Author dictate how you should publish your books. If you need six months, take six months. If you need two months for edits, take the two. (Oh heck, take longer. You know I would want any author to pore over edits than to put out something riddled with correctable mistakes.) If you can write and publish a book in a month, coolbeans. To each their own. In the end, it’s not a race, it’s publishing.

Happy writing!



  1. Thank you for this post, my co-author and I were discussing something very similar last night. Both of us, when we’re in the zone, can sit down and crank out 8-10k of really good material. But part of the reason neither of us ever set word goals is because it could just as easily be junk if we’re just not feeling it, but writing out of obligation anyway. We have a GOAL for when we’d like our next book to be finished, but we aren’t going to rush and put out something subpar…especially just to keep up with the mini-novels that are being cranked out one per month.

  2. Thank you for reminding all of us not to rush things. So true and best advice. Thanks!

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