Quick Tips: Playlists

What gets the muse going better than music? Besides having a cup of coffee on hand, music is another must that authors rely on while they are in the throes of writing their latest masterpieces. The choice of tunes is really the author’s own, but many authors make their playlists available to their readers or for other authors to use. All you have to do is search for author playlists in any search engine, and you’ll find a plethora of sites from writers in every genre willing to share what gets their juices flowing.

Although if you’re one of those types who requires utter silence to write, this quick tip isn’t really for you. I would suggest you keep the coffee, though. Be that as it may, playlists can still help you. Oftentimes when I’m writing, I prefer there be no music playing because being the songstress I am (and I totally mean that in jest), I tend to forget writing and start singing. Before I know it, it’s time to pick up the kids, make dinner, edit, or sleep. The time I allotted for writing is gone because I had to pretend be Grace Potter or Lorde.

But while I’m planning my outline or character list, what helps me is music. I find when I’m not entrenched in my main writing, I can use my playlists on the supporting parts, like the ones listed above or just to get inspired. I also tend to think of story ideas while driving and listening to the radio.

My quick tip for you this week: Make a playlist and see if it works for you. What does it inspire that can help feed that hungry muse? If you haven’t used music as tool, try it out for a while and see how it fits.We would love to hear what type of music you’re listening to.


  1. Haa! I have the same problem as you. I end up singing more than writing, so now listen to classical music while writing. It still inspires, yet doesn’t interfere.

  2. For the most part, I do have to have silence when I write, or only my instrumental play list, because if there are words, I am singing along. The exception to that is either if I’m trying to get into a particular mood for a scene in the storya nd need that type of music to get me there, or if I am trying to decide what my character likes to listen to. Once I decide that, I’ll listen to that music while I am getting into that character’s head in the beginning.

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