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Quick Tips: Making Time To Write

All writers have struggled with finding enough time to write. Some stress over it so much it hampers their work to the extent some form blocks or lose their muses. I’m all too familiar and can safely attest that many authors can agree with me. But the real question is: Is it beneficial to you as an author to write in huge chunks of time or in shorter spurts? Or is just getting a few words out enough?

The answer can be yes or no to any of these questions. Many of us have busy lives. Authors these days can’t simply use writing as their sole profession and have to juggle full-time careers along their writing aspirations. Factor in families, school, extra-curricular activities, and other responsibilities and getting a full novel written isn’t as easy as it seems. That doesn’t mean a busy person can’t write and have a successful career as an author. Here are some tips on making time to write.

  1. Set a goal. Everyday set a goal of what you want to accomplish. Whether it be writing while the kids are in bed for an hour or just getting down the plot bunnies in your head. The point is to always try to make your goal for that day no matter how big or small. This proves how committed you can be to your writing. It’s been said that if you stick to something for thirty days, it becomes habit. Try doing this for your writing and see what happens.
  2. Write something everyday. I have found this sage advice given by many authors. To keep on top of yourself and your work, it’s wise to write something everyday. It could be an article like this, blog posts, grocery lists–anything. The point is to keep the words flowing from your mind to your fingertips.
  3. Don’t get down on yourself. Writing a book to some is not an easy feat. Others can struggle with the completion of their novels for years while the next person can jot out a book in a couple of weeks. Don’t compare yourself to anyone else. Every writer’s process is different.
  4. Set a part of your day for yourself. If you want to set your alarm for 3 a.m. to get a quick writing session in, do it. If you can’t find anytime other than the kid’s bath time, use it. I have even heard of authors recording dialogue while traveling and then transcribing it later. Whatever works for you.

If you’re in a rut, try some of these tips to help get you going. There is no right way to write a book, only the way that works best for you. Leave a comment and share with us how you make time to write.

Happy writing!



  1. Love these tips!!! One I’ve started using recently is taking full advantage of the speech-recognition write-ware (I think I just made up a word!) on my iPhone…I can multi-task like crazy and still babble out and save a paragraph or two, even if it’s just a bit of dialogue, or an idea, or a plot-twist. Editing can always wait until later! -Kate

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