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Quick Tips: Book Inspiration

Many authors have been through it: missing their inspiration. Or more accurately, losing their inspirations. Getting the plot bunny, the excitement of starting a new story, and creating fresh characters are all great things when you first start your book, but when it comes to writing the actual words, something doesn’t always pan out. Is it your muse that simply isn’t talking to you or have you lost all your steam?

It’s frustrating in any case. My quick tip today is helping you find inspiration to get past any block, missing muse, or the initial come down from your brand spanking new story high.

  • Reflection and Solitude. I read that highly creative people do their best work after reflection or experiencing solitude. If your life is fast paced, try going to the library, coffee shop, or book store. These places deal with solitude and are great for contemplating the ins and outs of your stories. These places are also great for people watching, which in turn can fuel creative juices.
  • Take a drive. I can not tell you how many times I have thought of a story idea or arc while driving in my car. Just remember to pull over before writing down your ideas.
  • Dig deep in your past. If you think about it, all of us have some really good life experiences. You can take the old adage “write what you know” literally, for example, the I fell into a fountain in front of 250 people was embarrassing when I was twelve, but hilarious to write about now.
  • Take a trip. Many authors go on research trips for their books. Why not go on an inspirational trip for the same reason. If you’re writing about Miami, go to Miami. If you want to write about a poor Ozark family, spend some time in Southern Missouri.
  • The people around you. Some of the best inspiration comes from people you see everyday. Pick the brain of your neighbor or your grandmother, you never know what they may inspire through their stories they tell.

When you need extra inspiration or missing that muse try some of these tips to help spur your creativity. What do you do that helps inspire you?



  1. I pack up the laptop and head for the library…a change of scenery and yet still having quiet (I don’t drink coffee and don’t do well with background noise while writing so coffeeshops are out) always kickstart my creative juices…having the wifi available is a plus since I save all my work to Dropbox. -Kate

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