Ask the Divas

This week, the question for Ask the Divas is What’s so bad about creative dialogue tags? To answer this question, we have to identify what a dialogue tag is and what purpose it serves. Then can we highlight creative dialogue tags and show why your efforts are better spent elsewhere. Dialogue tags are noun/verb pairings that attach to a line of dialogue—usually with a comma,...

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Writing Exercises

The writing exercise this week is… weave a supernatural ability into your characters.   Give your female or male protagonist a supernatural ability which doesn’t include your character becoming something paranormal like a vampire or werewolf. The trait must be something they are born with and has to live with on a daily basis. Also the trait must be uncontrollable, meaning that your character can’t...

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Articles / Special

In the coming months we are going to interview our Divas. With us today is Janine Savage, CEO of Write Divas—whom the Divas lovingly refer to as the HBIC. (We’ll let you figure out that acronym for yourselves.) Janine is an experienced editor and marketer. She has worked with notable bestselling authors such as E. L. James and A. L. Jackson. Before co-founding Write Divas,...

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Writing Prompts

Today we decided to mix up our usual offering of the weekly writing prompt with a video. Writers have been inspired by music for years. Many authors love to share the playlists they listened to while writing their books. One note, one lyric can create a multitude of creativity for anyone. Write a music themed short story based on Grace Potter and The Nocturnals Stars.

On Writing

Writing Pitfall #3: Flashbacks   Literary flashbacks (analepses), and to a lesser extent flashforwards (prolepses), are the bane of many an editor. Why? Mostly because of misuse by authors who don’t understand when, why, and how to use these tools effectively. A flashback does one thing well. It halts the forward momentum of the story in the present in order to visit something that has...

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Creating a book cover  is something many authors put on the back burner until after the book is written. The reasoning for this seems sound. I’ll have a clearer picture of the book when it’s done. The cover will reveal itself to me as I write. Do one thing at a time… write first. I must write the story before I start on cover design....

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