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Welcome to Write Divas, where your book is our business.

Congratulations, you’ve done it! You’ve written a book—devoted countless hours planning, nurturing, and polishing your creative genius. Now what?

Well, that’s where Write Divas comes in. At Write Divas, we take your masterpiece and add our own brand of fabulous to it. We assess, edit, and proofread your manuscript until it is ready for publication.

The editors at Write Divas specialize in fiction, and only fiction. We have edited several best-selling novels, understand the e-book market, and can provide the necessary guidance and feedback to help you achieve your publishing goals. Write Divas offers professional proofreading, copy editing, content editing, manuscript assessments, and targeted feedback designed to polish your manuscript, novella, or short story.

With the increase in self-publication, many authors believe that spell check will catch the majority of the grammatical issues that plague today’s manuscripts, but spell check can’t compete with an established editor’s trained eye for detail and won’t catch homophones, misused words, use of the wrong words, missing words, repetition, or inconsistencies in continuity. Not only that, Write Divas can show you the strengths and weakness of your manuscript, give you feedback on plot and pacing, provide characterization guidance, and so much more. A simple word-processing program can’t offer that!

And here at Write Divas, we want to help you make your book fabulous.

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Janine Janine Savage is a former editor in chief and project manager with over ten years combined experience and has a bachelor’s degree in marketing. She’s always had a love affair with books and the English language.

She got her start working as a project manager for one of the largest telemarketing companies in the world, providing service to many Fortune 500 companies. An avid genealogist, she managed a staff of genealogists for a genealogy research company. As editor in chief, she oversaw editing and acquisitions for a small publishing house and managed a staff of freelance editors.

Janine started her freelance career about four years ago as an editor and manuscript consultant. Several of the books she’s worked on have since earned places on the New York Times and Amazon Best Sellers lists.

Janine is currently the CEO and a founding Diva for Write Divas and specializes in content editing, manuscript assessment and development, book formatting, publicity, and book promotions. As CEO, she oversees Write Divas and ensures that authors receive the best service for their dollar and that the quality of work provided is top-notch.

She is the mother of two teenagers and is married to her own personal Mr. Right. When she’s not editing, promoting or reading the latest hit, this former ski bum and volleyball enthusiast enjoys boating and hiking with her family in Northern Utah. Those that know her personally will tell you that her sense of humor is very dry. So she has no one to blame but herself for the sarcastic children living in her house.

Jen Jen Matera’s not only an editor; she’s also an accountant who has spent sixteen of the last twenty years working in the publishing industry. She has an associate’s degree in business, a bachelor’s degree in accounting and hopes to one day finish her MBA.

Her love of reading and writing, combined with her incessant need for things to be grammatically correct, drew her to editing, and for the last two years, she’s been editing anything from contracts and press releases to short stories and full-length novels—first as a freelancer and then as staff editor for a small independent publisher.

Currently, Jen is CFO and a founding Diva for Write Divas and specializes in manuscript evaluation and development, content editing, and copyediting. As CFO, she oversees all aspects of financial reporting, including budgeting and forecasting, to provide a stable environment for the author and staff alike.

When she’s not crunching the numbers, Jen is a mom to two beautiful and talented girls. Married for fourteen years, she and her family live in the northern suburbs of New York City with one very loud, very fluffy cat and two beta fish. In between dance team practices and Girl Scout meetings, Jen likes to relax with a good book, catch a movie with some friends, and spend time with her large extended family.

Jen has worked on books by such authors as: Alexandra Allred, Lissa Bryan, T.M. Franklin, Jennifer Schmidt, M.A. Stacie, and Mary Whitney.

me-1 Lauren Schmelz has been in the publishing and broadcasting field for over twelve years. She got her start editing and producing traffic news for local news affiliates in St. Louis, Missouri (NBC, CBS, and FOX).

For the last four years, Lauren has worked as a freelance editor/manuscript advisor. Lauren was Managing Editor of Manuscript Development for the last year and a half at a small independent publisher. Currently, Lauren is a founding Diva with Write Divas and specializes in manuscript development, content editing, copy editing, marketing, and publicity.

As COO of Write Divas LLC, Lauren oversees the daily operations of staff and client projects to optimize efficiency and serve authors with the highest quality of work whether it is the edit of their manuscript or the promotion of their marketing campaign and blog tour.

She is married and has two young daughters. When Lauren isn’t editing or reading manuscripts, she is busy playing with her kids and exploring her hometown of St. Louis with her family. She is an avid reader, writer, movie enthusiast, and generally a smartass. Lauren hopes to publish her first book within the year. Lauren has worked with such authors as: M.A. Stacie, C.L Parker, Brian Sweany, Suzy Duffy, Jennifer Schmidt, Alexandra Richland, Alexandra Allred, Michele Richard, Liv Morris, and Joey Mills.