Divas Rec: Cut These Seven Words

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Divas Rec: Cut These Seven Words

Before we get into overused words and phrases in writing: HAPPY NEW YEAR!! *Throws confetti* It’s 2016 and time for some new resolutions. I resolve to write for myself at least an hour a day. We’ll see how that works out for me. Ha!


Way back in 2013 one of my articles about overused words and phrases got a small amount of attention when it was shared and retweeted by Kindle Unlimited. To me that’s a great success. Little old Diva Lauren wrote an article people read and enjoyed. Go me and go Write Divas! My bubble of excitement soon burst when I read some of the comments people left on Facebook and Twitter.

We all know those comments, am I right? They didn’t agree with many of my suggested overused words such as is and was. “How can you overuse the word is? It’s impossible!”  Ugh! For a quick moment I thought words like is or was needed to be in left in. Then I smartened up and realized I shouldn’t second guess myself again based on what a few readers had commented wrongly on.

There, I said it: They were wrong. Oh, that feels good to say. *Happy sigh*

I stuck to my guns in my right assessment as author after author I had read or edited overused passive voice in their books. Why didn’t they see these overused words like I did? After almost three years since my original article had published, I found that it was time to remind writers what they could do to eliminate overused words and phrases in their work. This time I found a simple article to share along with my own that can help strengthen any author’s writing. Want to Be a Better Writer? Cut These 7 Words by Joe Bunting is an excellent article that tells you how and what words and phrases to edit from your manuscripts. Take a look and leave him a comment.

And here’s my article again: Overused Words and Phrases 


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  1. I love your posts and candor. Thanks for being there. Between you and me… “eliminate overused words and phrases”… feel free to delete this comment after you correct the post.

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