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Reviews – How to Write One


Reviews for an author are like money in the bank. People read the reviews and will buy the book based on the words of other readers. Many writers are also readers. Not a surprise, right? While authors love to receive reviews, sometimes readers wonder what to say in a review. Recently, Lori King wrote a wonderful article on this subject. This picture from her blog sums it up:


Review photo


If one looks at those suggestions, the review comes much easier. Just follow the suggestions and the review almost writes itself.

At Amazon I think you need to write at least twenty words in your review. Anyone can do that:

I loved how the romance in this book progressed. I do wish that we had seen more of XXX, the supporting character. I’ve told my best friend that she should read it soon!

There you go—thirty-three words and the author gets another review in their totals. Of course, expanding on why you liked the pace of the romance would make the author happier, but this is not a bad review and it took me about thirty seconds to write it.

I don’t like “spoilery” reviews, but I do like a warning about cliffhanger endings. Sometimes a book isn’t really listed as a serial, and I read the reviews to make sure I’m not getting stuck in something that is not complete. Of course if one isn’t fond of, say, scenes that are too steamy, some reviews post warnings about that, too.

I look at reviews as paying it forward. I read many free books and books that I’ve received from publishers and authors. Instead of paying them in cash, I’m paying them in reviews. And when I do buy a book, I look at the review as a tip on top of the dollars I’ve spent on their book.

When I post a book recommendation on my Facebook account, I like to add the hashtag #IYRPR which translates to: If You Read, Please Review.

Next time I’m going to ramble on about “Writing Bad Reviews.” Until then, #IYRPR!


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  1. Ms. Kathie,
    Thank you so much for putting this out there for review noobs like myself. I specifically sought this article out to make sure I’m helping out authors the best way I can every time. You’ve managed to make it far less intimidating than I’d worked it up to being in my head, and in appreciation, I’m putting forth a sincere attempt at what might loosely slip under “review” umbrella–albeit a very large umbrella.
    *fingers crossed*

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