Who We Are

Write Divas is a trio of women who love to talk about editing, writing, and the art of creating wonderful fiction. Did we mention we’re also editors who would love to help you polish your masterpiece? Well, we are and we’d love to work with you.

Even if you aren’t ready to hire that editor yet, we hope you will find our humble blog and our ramblings about writing useful. And maybe along the way, you will discover a few pearls of wisdom that will help you finish and publish that book. Why? Because everyone should have bragging rights to something, so why not as a published author!

Our Mission

No two authors are alike, and neither are two manuscripts.

The editors at Write Divas strive to help authors, regardless of experience, produce quality work they can be proud of. We also believe in helping authors improve their craft one book at a time, which is why we don’t simply edit a manuscript. Our goal is to provide an edit designed to help each individual author become a better writer through examples and feedback on their writing. We edit the manuscript and develop the author.

Meet Our Team

Janine Savage

CEO and Founding Diva

Diva Janine specializes in content editing, manuscript assessment and development, book formatting, publicity, and book promotions. As CEO, she oversees Write Divas and ensures that authors receive the best service for their dollar and that the quality of work provided is top-notch.

Jen Matera

CFO and a founding Diva

Diva Jen specializes in manuscript evaluation and development, content editing, and copy-editing. As CFO, she oversees all aspects of financial reporting, including budgeting and forecasting, to provide a stable environment for the author and staff alike.

Lauren Schmelz

COO and founding Diva

Diva Lauren specializes in manuscript development, content editing, copy editing, marketing, and publicity. She oversees the daily operations of staff and client projects to optimize efficiency and serve authors with the highest quality of work whether it is the edit of their manuscript or the promotion of their marketing campaign and blog tour.

Our Experience

With the increase in self-publication, many authors believe that spell check will catch the majority of the grammatical issues that plague today’s manuscripts, but spell check can’t compete with an established editor’s trained eye for detail and won’t catch homophones, misused words, use of the wrong words, missing words, repetition, or inconsistencies in continuity. Not only that, Write Divas can show you the strengths and weakness of your manuscript, give you feedback on plot and pacing, provide characterization guidance, and so much more. A simple word-processing program can’t offer that!

And here at Write Divas, we want to help you make your book fabulous.

For more information, please refer to our Editing Services.

What we offer

  • Content Edits
  • Copyedits
  • Proofreads,
  • Manuscript Assessments
  • Quality Tips
  • Advice you can Trust
  • Prove Direction
  • Industry News

Our Stats

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