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Today’s guest post comes from book reviewer and blogger Bookaholic Babe, aka Ninnie, who took time from her reading and reviewing to stop by and tell us why she does what she does.


Blogging and Book Reviewing

by Bookaholic Babe aka Ninnie


When I saw Write Divas tweet that they were in need of guest bloggers, I thought I would sign up and share why I love to blog about books and some of my favourite books I’ve ever read. But first I thought I’d start with why I love to read.

Thanks to my parents’ influence, I learnt to read at a young age, and I was rarely seen not reading. After we emigrated to the UK, my mum got me a library card, and I was always checking books out and entering summer reading contests to see if I could read X amount of books in the six weeks of our summer holidays.

Reading, to me, is an escape. When I pick up a book—or more accurately these days, my Kindle—I can forget about everything and just lose myself in the world being created by the words on the page. No matter what mood I am in, books always make me feel happier.

So, now I guess I’ll tell you why I blog about books and review them. A few years ago, I wrote fan fiction, and as a fan fiction author, the reviews readers left me really helped. Not only to improve my writing, but they gave me a boost every time I saw their words telling me how much they were enjoying my story. Even the ones that weren’t great helped. The bad ones helped me hone my writing skills to the point where I have the confidence to work on my own publication.

So you see, I blog to help all authors out there, to share what I love, and sometimes what I don’t love, about their books. I want to help authors I adore get their books out there and introduce my followers on Twitter to books they may not have considered reading before.

When I review, I don’t review technically. My reviews focus on how the books I read make me feel and relate to me as an individual. So I can show people how these books make me feel and how much I enjoy them and the stories they weave and tell.

Since I started to blog—and even before that—there have been three books that stand out as my absolute favourites:

The Fault in Our Stars by John Green



I first picked up TFiOS before my blogging days, and I connected with it on a very personal level as I had lost someone to the same cancer one of the characters in this book suffers from.

I love the pure rawness of this book and the way the characters find love in the darkest of times in their lives that fills them with love and hope.

The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern

The Night Circus

I have read this book twice, once preblog and once after I set it up because I had to review it and let my readers now how amazing it is.

My favourite thing about this book is the imagery. It is so deeply described that everyone will create a different view of this world in their head, and I think that makes it even more versatile and loveable because the world in this book is never viewed the same by two people who read it.

On Dublin Street by Samantha Young

On Dublin Street


One of my other all-time favourite books and series is On Dublin Street.

This book is all about finding that someone who can love you and save you. It gave birth to a number of follow-ons that focus on a different central character in the series meeting their soul mate.

I just love how Samantha writes—not just On Dublin Street, but all the books in the series tell great stories of savior and love.


About the Author:

Ninnie has been an avid reader from a young age. Her love of all things reading began with a collection of Roald Dahl books her parents bought her, and it spiraled from there. She spent her summers as a child leaping from one book to the next, and as she got older, her reading for pleasure took a backseat to studying. A few years ago she bought a Kindle, and her reading kick-started again.

Since 2011, there hasn’t been a time when she hasn’t been reading. She joined Goodreads and starting rating her books, but then she thought she wanted to review them like she used to review fan fictions she read. Bookaholic Babe was born in January 2013 as a platform for Ninnie to post her reviews. As she got her site together, she signed up to lots of PR companies and started posting her reviews.

When she’s not reading, Ninnie is either working (boo hiss to that eating into her reading time), watching films, spending time with friends/family and writing. You see, she’s a bit of a budding author, too.

Find Ninnie on:

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  1. Ladies, thanks so much for having me as your guest blogger this month! The post looks great 🙂

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