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Shay’s Top 4 Most Helpful Articles on the Craft of Writing and Author Life


There are a lot of articles out there on the craft of writing and being an author, and some are better than others. Like most editors, I have my favorites. The articles that I just enjoy or the ones that I recommend again and again to authors. So today, I’m giving you a little peek into my favorites list. I hope you find something there that you’ll love just as much as I do.


1. How Much Detail Should Writers Use by Kristen Lamb

How I love this article. Let me count the ways. Kristen gets straight to the point and gives simple, helpful tips to help you know when to expound on things and when to keep it simple.


2. Are Fiction Writers Screwed? Parts 1 & 2  by Justine Musk

If you aren’t a regular reader over at Justine Musk’s creative badassery blog, you are really missing out. She has a habit of touching on issues that are most helpful to strong women,  writers or otherwise. More often than not, I just sit back with a smile on my face and a constant nod of my head while reading her articles.


3. Shit I’m Sick of Reading Part 1 by Kat Kennedy

Let me be upfront, I loathe love triangles, and it’s for every reason that Kat Kennedy has listed here and beyond. If you are even slightly thinking about using a love triangle in your story, read this article first and seriously consider this blogger’s advice.


4. A Magical Word for Writers by Ted Dekker

I’m a Ted Dekker fan, no doubt. I love his books and this oldie but goodie from his blog is a keeper. In this article, Dekker eloquently argues that words are powerless apart from the speaker, or writer. He reminds his readers that it’s time to stop worshiping words and start wielding them.


That’s enough reading for you today! Now back to writing. 🙂


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