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It’s Time for (Many) Experienced Writers to Stop Blogging

by L.L. Barkat


Well now, I came across this article recently, It’s Time for (Many) Experienced Writers to Stop Blogging by L.L. Barkat, and it provoked me to thought. Yes, this is advice for 2013, but you may find it’s still relevant for 2014 and beyond.

You hear it everywhere—you must have a blog. Hell, I’ve given that advice both as an acquisitions editor and as a partner in an editing house. But is that necessarily true?

I’ll leave that to you to decide.

L.L. Barkat has certainly made the case for thinking big instead of working small. I found the article thought provoking. I’m not sure I agree, but I’d sure like to hear what you all think.





  1. Thanks for posting, Shay. Our top authors actually don’t have blogs. Some don’t even have regular websites. What makes them top authors: they write for places like The Atlantic, are award-winning teachers, and are popular conference speakers. The up side to that? All of these platforms are also paying them 🙂

  2. L.L., it was a great article. Very thought provoking. I was a happy to recommend it. It’s always nice to see others give a different opinion on popular advice. 🙂

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