If you hang out with the Divas for a little while, you’ll discover quite quickly we all love Candace Johnson of Change it Up Editing. So today we are recommending her fantastic article How to Survive “The Shock” : Your First Round of Editing. In this article, she offers solid tips on how to receive an edit and work with an editor. We highly recommend you check it out, and we know that you will love Candace just as much as we do. đŸ™‚


  1. Shay! I’m blushing over here! You, Jen, Lauren, and Janine are the best, and I am so grateful for all your support.

  2. After having a couple of other writers critique the first few chapters of my first manuscript, I immediately learned some of the things I was doing wrong. And now that a freelance editor is editing my entire manuscript, I am learning even more. This is such an educational process, I’m actually enjoying it. For someone like me who never went to college, never had a creative writing class, the whole editing process is like an instant crash course in how to write a novel. I think that every writer needs to get his or her ego out of the way, and keep an open mind if they want to see their writing improve dramatically. Yes, that first glance at edits was a bit of a shock. But I began to learn how to write, and I’ll always be grateful.

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