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Six Easy Tips for Self-Editing Your Fiction

by Kristen Lamb


When I read this article, I fell it love with it and had to share it with everyone. If you are an author navigating the world of writing and self-editing, you’ve got to read this Kristen Lamb’s article, “Six Easy Tips for Self-Editing Your Fiction.”

The six easy tips address some of the best areas authors can clean up and improve the flow of their manuscripts while taking their writing to the next level. Aside from being honest and funny, Lamb offers writers practical advice to help them fix many of the common errors we editors wish authors would fix. She is brutal as she outlines the six areas authors can edit to improve their manuscripts. But her approach is also funny as she calls out authors to laugh at some of bad habits that are used in writing that simply need to be cut or fixed.

Lamb’s advice save everyone time, it will save the author money and make any future editors who work on a manuscript very, very grateful.

So head on over to Kristen Lamb’s Blog and check out her article, “Six Easy Tips for Self-Editing Your Fiction.” You won’t regret it.

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