Divas Recommend:

The Power of Saying No…Revisited

by Denise Dukette


Today, I’m recommending an article from one of my favorite websites: Project Eve. If you are unfamiliar with Project Eve, I suggest you give them a look. This is a collaborative community dedicated to helping women succeed in business, and with over 500,000 members, you can bet there is some great content to be found there. So even though they aren’t necessarily focused on our small corner of the publishing industry, writing is both a creative and a business endeavor; therefore, you need the tools Project Eve provides.

In today’s recommend, Denise Dukette helps you harness the power of saying no at the right time and in the right way so you can preserve your creativity and vitality for those projects that matter most to you. Without further ado, “The Power of Saying No…Revisited” by Denise Dukette.

So please give it a read and let us know what you thought! 🙂


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