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So You Want To Make A Living Writing?

13 Great Truths

by Bob Mayer


If you’re a writer, I can only assume that—like me—you’ve sat at your desk and imagined the time when you could give up the day job and make writing a full-time job.  Can you make a living as a writer? What should you do and where should you focus your energy? How do I market myself? Should I look into traditional publishing or self-publishing? What other questions should I ask myself? What am I forgetting?

The busy bee that I am, I don’t read as many articles or blog posts as I’d like, but once in a while an article comes along and makes me stop and think, “Yeah… that is some great information right there.” I stumbled upon this article, So You Want To Make A Living Writing? 13 Great Truths by Bob Mayer on his blog Write On The River and was immediately drawn in to the positives: Yes, you can do it! It’s the best time to be a writer! The article is full of positive information.

But it was the last item that really hit home for me:

Bottom line: The only person who can stop your success is you.

So go check out this great article by Bob Mayer; check out his blog, too. And then consider if maybe, just maybe, now is the right time for you.

Happy writing!


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