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Building a Killer Email List

by Nick Stephenson


By show of virtual hands, how many of you have an e-mail list and know how to grow and use it? I mean, really use it? Wow, so not very many. 😉 Have I got an article for you!

In my never ending search for ways to do things better, I came across Nick Stephenson’s guest post “Building a Killer Email List” on David Gaughran’s website Let’s Get Visible. What I love about this article is that Nick outlines ways for authors to grow their email lists. Not only that, but he talks about his own experiences and what he did to improve each step of the way. He breaks things down with numbers and conversion rates (without getting too technical) to help you understand how growing and using  your email list can equal more sales. And best of all, his advice just may help a few authors gain control over the sales of their books without having to depend on others.

With the self-publishing boom, it’s getting harder and harder for authors to find ways to get their books noticed and in the hands of readers. Sometimes you feel like you’re trying to shout above the crowd. The great thing about an email list is that the people on the list usually want to be there, if you go about it the way Nick suggests in his article. So go take a look and let me know what you think. Is his advice worth taking?

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