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Attention, Writer: Listen to Your Editor”

by Courtney Cantrell


Being an editor is fun, but sometimes you’ve got to deliver news an author doesn’t want to—or can’t—accept. Editors can assure an author until they are hoarse that each suggested change is made to improve the overall manuscript, but ultimately it’s up to the author to trust that the editor knows what she’s doing. And for all your editor’s assurances, sometimes authors need to hear this from other authors.

Which is why this article, “Attention, Writer: Listen to Your Editor” by Courtney Cantrell at Court Can Write, made me absolutely giddy when I stumbled upon it. She says, “Editors are amazing people.” And I thought, “What a lovely thing to say. Yes, we are amazing.” But it’s an equally amazing author who can put aside any hurt feelings and really listen to what the editor is saying.

These are the words of wisdom I offer to fellow writers. Right down to the “suck it up” part. I may have added a buttercup at the end… I do love a good rhyme.

So if you’re an author, take a minute and read this fabulous article by Courtney Cantrell. And then go thank your editor.

Happy writing!


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