Divas Recommend:

“#WW Writer Problems 6-10”

By Shannon A. Thompson

Last month, I recommended the first part of this article, “#WW Writer Problems 1-5,” by Shannon A. Thompson, to our readers because she speaks our language—except she’s way funnier than I am and she makes cool graphics. Her article pokes fun at our quirks and highlights the “problems” only other authors will understand.

So when she told me that part two, “#WW Writer Problems 6-10,” would be arriving soon, well, I knew what my next Divas Recommendation would be right then and there. In this installment, Shannon talks about issues that plague all authors, like finding the right inspirational photos for writing and shooing your cats off your laptop while you’re trying to write. She also discusses wearing pen marks on your face and how to find lost pens. You know, the really tough stuff!


If you haven’t checked out Shannon’s website, do it. She’s smart and funny, and the graphics just crack me up.

Happy writing!

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