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Writing Secret: all you need is CURIOSITY and SURPRISE

By Guy Bergstrom


I love when I come across a keeper phrase, and while looking for a writing article to recommend for the blog, I found this gem “Writing Secret: all you need is CURIOSITY and SURPRISE” by Guy Bergstrom at The Red Pen of Doom. While discussing what’s important in novel writing, Guy tells authors that proper grammar and spelling are a given (yes, please and thank you), and it’s “Not pretty paragraphs and sentences that sing. That’s word gravy, while we’re talking about the main course.”

Word gravy. Stop for a moment and let that sink in. That’s poetry right there, people. Poetry. The topping that makes a good meal even better.

Okay, now that you’ve taken in the simple perfection of this analogy, we can focus on the rest of the article. What’s matters most when writing your novel? According to Guy, establishing curiosity in your reader and a good, honest surprise in your resolution.

So, fellow authors, go read about why correct grammar and punctuation should be a given, “pretty paragraphs and words that sing” are the deliciousness that tops off your story, but curiosity and surprise are how you draw in and satisfy your readers.

Oh, and there’s a gif with a really cute kitten. Win!

Happy writing!


  1. Aww. Thank you kindly.

    We should talk smack about editing sometime.

  2. Sorry for the delay in responding–busy fangirling at your comment! I’m happy to recommend any article you write; you’ve always got just the right level of wit and snark and intelligent content.

    So… when are we talking smack? 😉

    Thanks for reading and commenting!

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