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Writing the Back Blurb

by Shannon A. Thompson

Recently, Diva Lauren wrote this article on how difficult authors find writing blurbs, whether they’re short 75-word synopses for back material or longer 300-word summaries for promotional materials. In it she offered some helpful tips in the form of a list—yes, I love lists!—to help authors organize their information and get that blurb written. 

While researching, I stumbled across this article, Writing the Back Blurb, by Shannon A. Thompson, on her site, and just had to share it with our readers. Not only does it offer another author’s angle on writing blurbs, but it’s got a list, too! What I thought was great in this article was that Shannon doesn’t sugarcoat how important these synopses can be for the success of a book. As she says, “Everyone knows about the summary of text on the back of the book that convinces readers, ‘Yes. You want this book.’ The scariest part relies on the fact that the summary is exactly that – something that could make it or break it a reader.”

But my absolute favorite part of this article was step number five, which tells authors to “Edit. Get opinions. Edit again. But decide on it.” Yay for editing! So go check out Shannon’s article, see if her step-by-step approach would help you.

Happy writing!

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