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Write The Hard Stuff: Facial Expressions

by Margie Lawson


I couldn’t love this article more by Margie Lawson on the Writers In The Storm blog.  I’m like her and can’t stand clichés. But the problem with a lot of independent authors now is that clichés have become so commonplace, no one realizes they’re clichés anymore. It’s the dumbing down of writing, in my opinion. There are writers out there that don’t really care anymore about improving their craft because why try to sink the sailing ship? This sets a very bad precedence for other authors and like a contagion, it spreads.

Lawson says, “For many agents and editors, clichés aren’t just invitations to skim. They stop reading.” So true, so true. How do you fix clichés when writing facial expressions? In the article there are many examples from writers who use fresh way of describing facial expression. I love how heavy show is placed in the descriptions.  Makes me all warm and fuzzy reading the examples.

Check out the article and take with you a better understanding of description and show when you do. Then let us know what ways you describe facial expressions. We would love to hear from you.

Write The Hard Stuff: Facial Expressions

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  1. Thanks for the blog love, Lauren. We do love Margie–and all her writing acumen–here at Writers in the Storm!
    Fae Rowen

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